Back: Adam Tobin-Williams, Michelle Sandag, Lechuan Zhang, Mike Bevan

Front: Dong Woo Kim, Jack Bond, Mikael Ellingson, Rebecca Redding, Alec Pellicciotti

Michael A. Bevan

Michael A. Bevan

Principal Investigator


Dr. Bevan received his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University in 1999, and a B.S. in both Chemical Engineering and Chemistry from Lehigh University in 1994. He was named an American Chemical Society Fellow in 2016.


  • ACS Fellow, 2016
  • PECASE, National Science Foundation, 2005
  • CAREER Award, National Science Foundation, 2004
  • Beckman Fellowship, Beckman Foundation, 2001
  • Henkel Fellowship, ACS Colloids & Surfaces Division, 1998

Professional Preparation

  • Postdoc, Mat. Sci. & Physics, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2001-2002
  • Postdoc, Chemistry & Math, Univ. of Melbourne, 1999-2001
  • Ph.D. Chemical Engr., Carnegie Mellon Univ., 1999
  • B.S. Chemical Engr., Lehigh Univ., 1994
  • B.S. Chemistry, Lehigh Univ., 1994

Current Ph.D. Students

BondJack BondColloidal Assembly on Curved SurfacesLinkedIn
EllingsonMikael EllingsonZwitterionic Copolymer Interactions and Transport in Mucus
PellicciottiAlec PellicciottiMultifunctional Materials from Reactive Colloidal ComponentsLinkedIn
ZhangLuke ZhangColloidal Deposition vs. Shear and Polymer-Surfactant CompositionLinkedIn

Former Ph.D. Students

AnekalSamartha AnekalStokesian Dynamics of Interfacial and Confined Colloids (2006) (Apple Data Sci)LinkedIn
BahukudumbiPradip BahukudumbiImpedance Properties of Colloidal Microfluidic Circuits (2007) (Coats)LinkedIn
BeckhamRichard BeckhamMultidimensional Interfacial Colloidal Crystallization (2008) (ExxonMobil)LinkedIn
BeltranDaniel BeltranColloidal Assembly on Energy and Diffusivity Landscapes (2012) (Janssen Data Sci)LinkedIn
BitterJulie BitterAnisotropic Colloidal Interactions and Transport in Porous Media (2014) (NIST)LinkedIn
CoughlanAnna CoughlanField Mediated Non-Equilibrium Assembly (2018) (Evidera)LinkedIn
DuncanGregg DuncanDiffusing Colloidal Probes of Biological Interfaces (2014) (Univ. of Maryland)LinkedIn
EdwardsTara EdwardsIntegrated Depletion and Electric Field Mediated Colloidal Assembly (2013) (Army Research Lab)LinkedIn
EichmannShannon EichmannDiffusing Probe Measurements of Nanoparticle and Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions (2010) (Saudi Aramco)LinkedIn
EverettNeil EverettDiffusing Colloidal Probes of Biomolecular Interactions (2007) (Cleanenergylabs)LinkedIn
FernandesGregory FernandesColloidal Assembly via Tunable Depletion Potentials (2008) (Texas Tech Univ)LinkedIn
HendleyRachel HendleyMorphogenesis Inspired Hierarchical Colloidal Assembly (2022) (Sherwin-Williams)LinkedIn
HuaXiaoqing HuaColloidal Interactions and Assembly at Fluid Interfaces (2017) (Merck)LinkedIn
JuarezJaime JuarezElectric Field Mediated Feedback Controlled Colloidal Assembly (2011) (Iowa State Univ.)LinkedIn
Jumai’anJenny Jumai’anZwitterionic Polymers & Protein Coronas (2022) (Decision Analytics)LinkedIn
LuMingqing LuDensity Functional Theory of Interfacial Colloidal Microstructures (2007) (Capitol One)LinkedIn
NeibloomNikki NeibloomDrop Mediated Colloidal Assembly (2021) (Dean & Company)LinkedIn
PetroffMatthew PetroffDiffusing Colloidal Probes of Biomacromolecules and Cells (2018) (Spark Therapeutics)LinkedIn
RuppBradley RuppReconfigurable Colloidal Antennas (2016) (Xerox)LinkedIn
SwavolaJulia SwavolaColloid-Mucus Interactions and Transport (2014) (Inscripta)LinkedIn
WuHung-Jen WuMapping Energy Landscapes with Diffusing Colloidal Probes (2006) (Texas A&M Univ.)LinkedIn
YangYuguang YangColloids Navigating Mazes & Organizing into Machines (2017) (Amazon AI)LinkedIn
ZhangJianli ZhangMachine Learning based Control of Colloidal Assembly (2020) (Quanterix)LinkedIn

Other notable Alumni

BarronPhillipe Barron (BS)Anisotropic Particle Phase Behavior in Non-Uniform Fields (2022) (Princeton)LinkedIn
CuiJingqin Cui (postdoc)Colloidal Interactions in Nonuniform AC Electric Fields (2011) (Xiamen University)LinkedIn
FeichtSarah Feicht (BS)Three-Dimensional Colloidal Crystal Assembly (2011) (Exxon)LinkedIn
KimDong Woo Kim (postdoc)Colloidal Assembly on Curved Surfaces
LiuBrian G. Liu (BS)Colloidal Interactions in Nonuniform AC Electric Fields (2011)
MericGulsum Meric (BS)Diffusing Colloidal Probes of Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions (2010) (Coriolis)LinkedIn
NajafiHelya Najafi (postdoc)Synergistic Polymer-Surfactant Complex Mediated Colloidal Interactions (2019) (Curia)LinkedIn
PangburnTodd Pangburn (BS)Colloidal Potentials from Inverse Monte Carlo (2005) (DuPont)LinkedIn
Torres-DiazIsaac Torres-Diaz (postdoc)Electric Field Mediated Assembly & Deposition of Anisotropic Colloids (2019) (Univ. Alabama)LinkedIn
WangXiao Wang (MS)Superellipsoid Particle Energy Landscapes in AC Electric Fields (2021)
YangJunyan Yang (MS)Controlling Colloidal Crystals via Morphing Energy Landscapes (2019) (Notre Dame)
YehAlex Yeh (MS)Self-Diffusion on Spheres (2022)LinkedIn
ZhangYuanxing Zhang (MS)Controlling Colloidal Crystals via Morphing Energy Landscapes (2019) (Colorado Mines)