Principal Investigator

Michael A. Bevan

Dr. Bevan received his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University in 1999, and a B.S. in both Chemical Engineering and Chemistry from Lehigh University in 1994. He was named an American Chemical Society Fellow in 2016.


  • ACS Fellow, 2016
  • PECASE, National Science Foundation, 2005
  • CAREER Award, National Science Foundation, 2004
  • Beckman Fellowship, Beckman Foundation, 2001
  • Henkel Fellowship, ACS Colloids & Surfaces Division, 1998

Professional Preparation

  • Postdoc, Mat. Sci. & Physics, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2001-2002
  • Postdoc, Chemistry & Math, Univ. of Melbourne, 1999-2001
  • Ph.D. Chemical Engr., Carnegie Mellon Univ., 1999
  • B.S. Chemical Engr., Lehigh Univ., 1994
  • B.S. Chemistry, Lehigh Univ., 1994

Current PhD Students

Alex Yeh – Colloidal Assembly on Drops

Jenny Jumai’an – Zwitterionic Polymers, Protein Coronas & Biomaterial Interactions

Nikki Neibloom – Drop Mediated Colloidal Assembly

Rachel Stein – Morphogenesis Inspired Hierarchical Colloidal Assembly

Luke Zhang – Colloidal Deposition vs. Shear and Polymer-Surfactant Composition

Former PhD Students

Samartha Anekal – Stokesian Dynamics of Interfacial and Confined Colloids (2006) (Triple Ring)

Pradip Bahukudumbi – Impedance Properties of Colloidal Microfluidic Circuits (2007) (Milliken Corp)

Richard Beckham – Multidimensional Interfacial Colloidal Crystallization (2008) (Exxon)

Daniel Beltran – Colloidal Assembly on Energy and Diffusivity Landscapes (2012) (JnJ)

Julie Bitter – Anisotropic Colloidal Interactions and Transport in Porous Media (2014) (NIST)

Anna Coughlan – Field Mediated Non-Equilibrium Assembly (2018) (Evidera)

Gregg Duncan – Diffusing Colloidal Probes of Biological Interfaces (2014) (Univ. of Maryland)

Tara Edwards – Integrated Depletion and Electric Field Mediated Colloidal Assembly (2013) (Army Research Lab)

Shannon Eichmann – Diffusing Probe Measurements of Nanoparticle and Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions (2010) (Saudi Aramco)

Neil Everett – Diffusing Colloidal Probes of Biomolecular Interactions (2007)(Cleanenergylabs)

Gregory Fernandes – Colloidal Assembly via Tunable Depletion Potentials (2008) (Texas Tech Univ)

Xiaoqing Hua – Colloidal Interactions and Assembly at Fluid Interfaces (2017) (Merck)

Jaime Juarez – Electric Field Mediated Feedback Controlled Colloidal Assembly (2011) (Iowa State Univ.)

Mingqing Lu – Density Functional Theory of Interfacial Colloidal Microstructures (2007)(Capitol One)

Matthew Petroff – Diffusing Colloidal Probes of Biomacromolecules and Cells (2018) (Spark Therapeutics)

Bradley Rupp – Reconfigurable Colloidal Antennas (2016) (Xerox)

Julia Swavola – Colloid-Mucus Interactions and Transport (2014) (Inscripta)

Hung-Jen Wu – Mapping Energy Landscapes with Diffusing Colloidal Probes (2006) (Texas A&M Univ.)

Yuguang Yang – Colloids Navigating Mazes & Organizing into Machines (2017) (Amazon)

Jianli Zhang – Machine Learning based Control of Colloidal Assembly (2020) (Quanterix)